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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 31, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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about the invite? >> it hasn't been formalized. i just thought of it. i think we can have a beer and mend things. >> greta: make sure you go to hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. the gang is back. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." well, it is coming up on a year since the terror attacks on our consulate in benghazi killed four americans. president obama promised to bring those responsible to justice, remember? >> we will not waiver in our kmisment to see justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. their families and colleagues and all americans know this. their sacrifice will never be
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forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> if i may, the president in his own words, quote, we will not waiver, and they'll never be forgotten, and this one, we will be relentless in tracking down the killers. disturbing words considering we learned today a news organization claims to have interviewed the leader of the terror group responsible for the benghazi attack. nice job, president o, no suspects, no interviews, no leads, no answers. here is ed henry pressing jay carney today. >> how is it that someone who is potentially lead suspect in this terror attack could sit down with a media organization for a couple of hours and never be contacted by the fbi. >> i would refer you to the fbi for details of their investigation. >> president obama mentioned the phony scandals that are part of
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an endless parade of distractions. can you tell us which one of these scandals he is talking about? >> whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the irs, attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> wow. bob, takes some ka honey ees to say these are phony scandals. then we learn a news organization interviewed the leader of the group that may have killed those -- >> i think phony scandals is the wrong word. you have no idea whether they have leads or suspects. my guess is they do, my guess is they're following them, and my guess, here is a bet i'll make with you now, none of the people responsible for that will be alive come december 31 or they will be -- >> wait, what do you mean? >> what i mean is i think we know who they are, and we're
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tracking, they'll be taken out or picked up. >> why do we have to learn about this leader and the fact that one of the other news organizations interviewed him for four hours. they found him. why can't the fbi. >> that's the problem. what kind of investigation did they run from the beginning, all right? the truth is in the past and their conduct. the fbi wasn't even on the ground in time to get anything. you had news networks obtaining real forensic evidence on the ground, pulling it from the scene. that's a compromised crime scene to begin with. why don't we have suspects. i don't think we have any. if we did, we certainly would have done something already by now, we wouldn't still be having this conversation. unfortunately, justice delayed in this case is justice denied. >> remind you the libyan government wouldn't allow the fbi in. you can't just run into a country -- >> to say these guys will be summarily judged and taken care
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of, and the other -- >> you said the interview with the head of this group, did the head of the group, were they there? did he shoot? >> they took credit for it. >> did he shoot? >> i don't know, who cares. i would like the fbi to -- dana, four americans dead, yet jay carney -- >> they had a phony excuse from the beginning, right? remember the reason they said for the violence initially. they told this to the world, told this to the parents of those young men that died, that there was a video maker and that he was the reason that caused the riots, so the phoniness started at the beginning, which is one of the reasons i have this problem. i believe james comey, new head of the fbi that just got sworn in, i doubt he is sworn in, but the senate approved him. he will now be the h the fbi. knowing james kocokkoch -- come
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imagine he will want to get to the heart of the matter right away, he is going to feel an obligation to be an independent operator and get to members of the senate who confirmed him, he promised he would get to the bottom of it. >> we had a lot more promising to find the perpetrators of the benghazi attacks. doesn't seem like he is all about his promises. >> he is as relentless as a stoner. calling benghazi a phony scandal is calling the boston marathon bombing a running injury. i guess 9/11 was an optical illusion created by david blane. is it because none of the victims didn't look like his son or could have been him 35 years ago? maybe perhaps we should contact al sharpton, and when al sharpton goes to the white house, which he happens to go more than joe biden does, he could actually maybe ask president obama maybe you should look into benghazi. he seems to listen to al sharpton.
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>> your allegations of what the president of the united states said, you have not a single clue how they're pursuing these people. >> maybe that's part of the problem. >> another network got an interview, that somehow means they're not investigating this? >> bob, the reality, it was a month after the attacks when the same network said they're inside the compound before the fbi gave that -- >> if i remember right, people said we would go after bin laden, he would be dead or captured and took us five years. >> why is it he is giving more information than our own fbi and cia. >> they were on the ground, the government wouldn't let them in. >> i don't agree with lindsey graham on 85% of things he says. this one occasion, maybe i do. take a listen. >> we still don't know if hillary clinton approved the consulate to be open after it failed security inspection. we still have no idea who changed the talking points to
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say it was a riot caused by a video. the basics of what happened in benghazi are unknown and congress has never been able to interview one survivor, they're writing books, appearing on tv. this has to stop. this is not a scandal, this is a national security failure where four brave americans died and we're doing nothing to bring the people to justice to understand how it failed. >> dana, your thoughts on that? >> i think he has great points and i think the congress, darrell issa was on ka vut oh earlier, they were saying what are you doing with investigative powers with irs and benghazi. part of the problem, they're being stonewalled by the administration, so you can't get the information. when the democrats took over in 2006, when they won that election, they were relentless, i felt responsive to questions from the media about it. i would be careful saying to anybody that something is a phony scandal when four people
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have been killed and there's no answer for it. >> issa had 20 hearings. >> bob, did you not listen to what senator graham was saying? >> i listened to that, the part i could understand. >> so there are times other news organizations can find people to interview, people can sign contracts to write books, people can sign up to get money for their experiences while in benghazi but congress isn't allowed to talk to them? explain that. >> what bob is saying, there were all these hearings. nobody is talking about the hearings because there's the collusion between the president and media. remember last week when the president said reporters believe he has good ideas. one of the good ideas the media has in their mind that benghazi was no big deal and they agree because the media doesn't care about benghazi, neither does the president. that's why he can talk about doj and irs. none of these things in the media's eye is that important.
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>> usually the president of the united states cares about four people -- >> remember when hillary clinton was secretary of state, brought her in to testify, bucked her head, she was no longer secretary of state. bring her back, what difference does it make. she set the tone for this being a phony scandal. >> then she said they were all dead and the question is whether who did what, where, when, does it really matter who or what or when? >> yeah. >> wait a second, at that moment she was talking about. there will be -- we will bring these people to justice just as obama said, and you'll sit back and eat your words on this one. >> and a kid with a nintendo controller will get a predator drone and find out who is responsible. we lost valuable time and been made a fool of internationally, this is a national security issue. then you have a president that engages in shameless rhetoric, the words he said.
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i don't understand how he calls them phony scandals. they lied from the beginning. >> they lied from the beginning the reason for all that. >> what about the video? >> bob, how do you explain that? >> they lied from the beginning. they lied to the parents. i can't believe they're not moreau fended. >> what he said, did he not, the phony scandal had to do with the talking points. that's what he tried to get out of it. i think they were misleading from the beginning, i agree with that completely and i said that earlier on, i just don't -- first of all, the international black eye because we don't know that, not a country said that. >> president of libya mocked us, said we called it a terrorist attack and we are saying it is a video through the middle east, and misrepresenting and lying -- >> who is lying. >> they did! >> lying about the talking points. >> let's tie this to stand your
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ground. let's do that. if we can implicate stand your ground in this, there will be rage across the country. >> you think the united states doesn't care what's going onto bring these guys to justice? >> it is relieved a lot of things happened in the last five weeks and has taken it off the radar. >> put it this way. maybe he's interested in hillary clinton, maybe there was a deal, private discussion, saying let's let this die, this is no good for hillary in 2016. >> i think that's so absolutely ridiculous. >> accurate! >> that is the kind of statement that you make when you know not what you're talking about. >> you sat here time and time again talking about all of the tactics you use as democratic strategist. some of them frankly are far more -- >> you made a statement saying when they met for lunch they worked out a deal to try to cover up benghazi.
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>> this is a lunch a long time ago. >> long time ago. >> and bob, you admitted that they pushed this stuff under to win an election. >> i did, i said that, said it then, and i'll say it again now. wait a second. what i am saying is to try to suggest hillary clinton and barack obama in lunches you had nothing to do with, nobody reported, was coming up with some ridiculous strategy about '16 is ridiculous. >> there's shep on the phone. >> anyway, quickly they're calling it the gop food fight. senator rand paul and chris christie going back and forth fighting, firing shots at each other, in the true spirit of conservative compromise, called them both, called governor christie's office and rand paul, governor christie's office said there was no concerted effort, he was simply answering a
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reporter's question. they called senator rand paul, he said i am giving this view exclusively. i think the party is big enough for both of us, i am going to send governor christie's office a dozen roses. i suggested a dozen donuts, he might appreciate that more. i said i'll stick with -- >> cheap shot. >> didn't rand paul say that on cavuto? >> he promised he would wait until 5:30 to tweet. >> i think every grown man, shut up and focus -- >> exaggerated, it is not a battle for the soul of the republican party, it is battle for the sound bite. can't have that debate when you say you have another 9/11 if you don't believe us, you're creating a police state. >> and you're fat.
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>> and you're short. >> you know what, kimberly, good news they're at least willing to make amends on this, let this go away. >> fine. let's get healthy about it, hug it out, try and do something for the best interest of of the gop that could use some help. >> you can't hug out facts, and the facts are -- >> i tried it with you once. >> it cost the republicans the senate two times in a row. christie is trying to say if ever there was a year to take the senate back, 2014. if they succeed in having tea party up again, they'll lose again. >> that's why you should stick around for one more thing today! >> what? >> stick around for one more thing. >> you're plugging part of the show. >> shep is still outside. >> they want us to stop
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mentioning shep. we'll stop mentioning shep. new investments in the anthony weiner scandal that hillary clinton doesn't want to have anything to do with. stay with us. ♪
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♪ all right. i'm going to give you the skinny on hillary clinton and anthony weiner's wife in a moment. first, the calls are only growing louder for weiner to quit running for mayor after admit to go more sexting shenanigans. carlos danger said this. >> people say this campaign is rough, you may want to quit. i know there are newspaper editors, other politicians say i wish that guy weiner was quit. you don't know new york, you
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don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> oh, roll. mr. danger. one person not so happy about that, hillary clinton. word has it she and bill have been trying to distance themselves from this mess so it doesn't harm her 2016 prospects. weiner's wife huma is taking extended vacation from her job in the coming days. interesting timing. what do you think? >> i think he has 97 days to rehab. huma will stay away anthony weiner's campaign, she will stay away from hillary clinton, as far as you can. kind of like democrats in the upcoming mid terms staying away from president obama. nothing good can come of them being seen together, they'll play that game, glad to have you, mr. president, do me a favor, stay out of my district. >> stay out of my d.
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>> yesterday, msnbc host went after the girl call girl, and you have democrats covering for filner. liberals protect more pigs than old mcdonald. remember media portrayed mitt romney as so square, kids, grandkids. what we wouldn't give for the boring traditional. right now, politicians aren't politicians, they're subway gropers. >> so many bad memories. >> the problem with weiner, he is taking the oxygen out of the room. everybody is talking about weiner, nobody is talking about problems in new york, nobody is debating what you want to do as mayor. everybody is concentrating on this idiot. >> he is a text flasher, it is so nasty. guy used to hang outside my high school in san francisco and flash. >> i apologize for that. by the way, i wasn't flashing, just had a skin condition. >> you were in the vicinity at
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the time. >> they could have a group for democrats and sex addiction and harassment. >> pervert island. >> excuse me, i would say that would be a bipartisan -- >> might be a bipartisan house by the end. here is a question i have been having. if we don't care what people are doing in their bedrooms, do we care what they're doing on their phone? i am not defending weiner. >> depending the job they have. >> i am suggesting perhaps we have gone a little overboard about what he is doing in his personal time and if his wife doesn't care, why do we? >> don't forget, number one, he covered it up. two, remember, andrew breitbart was at the podium, talked about it. came off the podium, it was a big lie he would portraying. >> somebody else lied about an extramarital situation and went on to great, even more success. >> dana is exaggerating. for politicians this day and age -- wait a minute.
11:23 pm
strikes me personally. the idea that you should, that everything you do ought to be matter of public record. what you do in your own apartment or what in your private life. >> or your phone. do we care what people are doing with their phone? >> what i do in my apartment i like to keep in my apartment. >> i see what's on your phone. >> that's the difference here. he did, he tried to. the other thing, there were a lot of questions about what went on with huma after she got pregnant, when she came back, was still working for the clinton -- >> still working for the taxpayers, taxpayer salary and a little extra from a bill clinton group. >> whether that was legal or not. >> everybody says she's a remarkably good person, very competent person. >> who. >> huma. >> oh, no. no, i disagree. >> you've got some weird messages, why are you being so mean -- >> i don't care. here is another thing. a weiner aide trashed an intern,
11:24 pm
called her a slut bag. weiner can't fire her because he is not qualified to fire somebody who hasn't done as bad as he has. so this actually shows you why he can't be mayor, because he cannot police his own staff because he, himself is disgusting. and weiner has to think about his kid. his child is going to live with the legacy of a foolish father. how do you remedy that? >> change the last name. >> security. go into a self imposed solitary confinement, go to africa, a place so poor they can't afford the phones to look at your genitals, work for five years, then come back. >> weiner could appoint pedophiles to department of education and we couldn't fire them. >> god knows what else is out there he has done that he would be in position to be compromised, he could be black mailed, could say they will come out with more information. >> i think what filner did is much worse, it was an abuse of
11:25 pm
power with somebody that worked for him. >> covered up by women. >> then they have the nerve to ask the taxpayers to pay his legal bills. you know why? get a chance to go to sexual harassment -- >> anybody else agree when you're on television, you're getting somewhat recognized because you say "the five," people are in your business all the time. i find that -- >> what are you doing? >> this intrusive, it is none of your business. the intrusion of people's lives is really i think -- >> what happens? >> the numbers got deleted from your phone. bummer! >> my stuff is already out on the table, man, nothing you can do about that. i am worried about you. >> you attacked and grabbed me when i got your phone.
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president obama says the keystone pipeline would only create 50 new permanent jobs. is that actually true? greg will fact check those comments when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek? because i have a policy myself.
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♪ you done? can i start my monologue? the president once again claimed the 1200 mile keystone pipeline wouldn't create many jobs. apparently pixies dig pipelines and pump stations. >> they talk about an oil
11:31 pm
pipeline from canada that's estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. that's not a jobs plan. so let's get serious. >> you first. see, the president conveniently ignores the state department report that the pipeline would bring 4,000 construction jobs and 43,000 future jobs, dismisses realities of industry. where there's work, there are restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclub acts that cater to lonely gentlemen like me. when he looks at work, the only kind he sees are the ones you get after -- pipelines, that crap is for losers. reemployment is never getting your hands dirty. as long as jobs are made. the only jobs he makes are those waiting for joblessness. to obama, big oil and big business is the daddy you hate. what else can explain his denial of real change, the kind that
11:32 pm
creates jobs, reduces dependency on foreign oil, slashes gas prices. he couldn't care less about what makes america work, replaced by something, anything crafted by incompetent revolutionaries that hate our greatness. this is why keystone and fracking is terrifying to obama. who would have thought what could save america is america itself, not him at all. kimberly, does he not know how things are made? like the pipelines come out of the sky, nobody really works on them, then they're there, and nobody has to take care of them. >> no. >> nobody has to go and check on them. >> you don't need inspectors. >> he cares about poll numbers, his numbers are slipping. that's a problem for him. this guy is in front of starbucks because no fracking
11:33 pm
sign, this is it. asked me three times to sign a petition against fracking in new york city. want to do it anonymously? no. it was crazy. >> eric, what is this with the government job program where you would say it is shovel ready. >> remember about two years ago tomorrow vilsack, secretary of agriculture said food stamps are actually good for the economy. for every dollar, 1.80 economic activity. they understand by spending money you create economic activity. part of the problem with that theory, that dollar came from taxpayers, $3 had to be earned to make $1. 100 million you spend in food stamps, have to create $300 million in activity.
11:34 pm
president obama has to know however many people it takes to create the pipeline, there are thousands of ancillary jobs associated with it. >> exactly. bob, why is the belief more oil is a bad idea, why is that there? why does he hate oil? >> first of all, before we get to the answer to that question, if you would reread your monologue tonight, some of the things you said about the president of the united states, and i am a great admirer of your monologue were really over the line. >> uh-huh. >> revolutionaries, doesn't care about people working. we have to be careful some of the things you say. we don't like obama, but you need to be careful things you say. having said that, they should have done the pipeline. on the end, do you know how many permanent jobs are on the alaskan pipeline, about 100. meantime, thousands would be created for those that build it. the stimulus project, look around the city now, people are going to work every day by the thousands. >> can i stop you?
11:35 pm
>> no. >> 100 jobs on the alaskan pipeline that brings billions of barrels from alaska to america. all the people on the ships, all of the refineries they supply. are you kidding me, 100 jobs? >> on the pipeline itself. >> you create economic activity when you bring a pipeline with canadian oil to america. >> you build a pipeline, you'll have a lot of jobs, and they go home after the jobs are done. >> can i make a point since i haven't said one word. what did president obama call for yesterday. he said more taxes and infrastructure bank to build more roads and bridges. what does he thinks happens after the bridge is built? how many people are on the bridge after it is built working on the bridge? that is the point of the pipeline! his economic argument makes no sense. >> and the bridge brings people from here to here to maybe open business. >> there are thousands of
11:36 pm
bridges falling down in america. >> the point is -- >> he said the pipeline is asking for no taxpayer dollars to build something to help america's energy independence, create jobs, allow the states to have more money to spend on education. >> i stand by my position. they will approve the pipeline. >> no way. >> like the profitable jobs at solyndra, has to be a green job or there's no job. >> do you think these guys go on the streets do a pretty good job, those are real jobs, right? >> they're not there forever. >> and there are six guys holding a sign saying stop. >> i see. >> in other words, that makes it not a job. >> we have to go. >> welcome back, bob. you're blocked. >> no politics the next block. what's the hottest book at gitmo this summer? not the joy of hate.
11:37 pm
the correct answer ahead on "the five." we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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you need to listen to more country music. attention young adults, watching "the five" when you should be working, need to put down your phone, greg, stop chatting with your parents when at work. "the wall street journal" says young adults in 20s and 30s are having these day-long chats with mom and dad while on the job. we've given young adults advice on "the five" about how to conduct themselves on job interviews. now it appears we need to offer the kids and parents more advice when they have a job.
11:42 pm
bob, no politics in this segment. >> good. that's a real break. >> you like this topic. >> i do. >> helicopter parents follow you. >> i would take away anybody's phone when they walk into the office. the people that text all the time, what do you want to get in touch with your mother for when 26. if i got hold of my mother when i was 26, she would send me to a psychiatric institute. they stay in touch in college. let them go. these kids are now adults. why do they -- but they're all into this thing. not one can have a conversation person to person, but they can sure text. >> there's a difference between sending a note to your mom, hey, how are you, what's going on, talk to you this weekend. in this article, people are texting all day and night with their mom, my boss is so mean, my colleagues are ridiculous. would that drive you crazy? >> i long for the days. my son, we text, i will write how was school, baseball, how
11:43 pm
did the test go, okay. did you have a good time, fine. one word answers. >> what do you think he texts to his girlfriend? >> i am sure it is a book. >> call the nsa, we can find out. oh, i said no politics. >> quickly, i would love for him to have a text relationship more. >> do you think it can be overdone? >> here is the sad reality in the current climate of economic malaise, many parents and children are living together and have no choice but to communicate with each other, therefore president obama should be at peace. >> 13.6, i don't know who the .6 are, are living at home. they're happy with that relationship. >> going to be a long time i have a feeling. ronan is only six now. >> 20 more years. >> you listen to the kids try to talk to people.
11:44 pm
modern day kids. they just don't talk. >> modern day kids. did that happen to you this weekend? >> i do one word answers a lot in e-mail, yep, yeah, uh-huh. >> people complaining about -- >> this is a phony scandal. >> a phony scandal. >> boys are more attached to their moms. he calls me from his grandma's. >> the biggest responsibility, barack obama encouraged kids to text back and forth at jobs, and -- >> i will tell you, if jasper had a phone and knew how to use it and a posable phone, could let me know he was okay while at his baby-sitter, that would be -- >> dana, if that was the case, you would be in a psychiatric place for real. >> everything all right? good. everything okay? good. all right. >> all right. wow, i am having a great week.
11:45 pm
>> you really are. >> gone to hell in a hand basket. >> better than not being in a basket at all. >> you're a basket case. when we come back, "50 shades of grey" is popular with terrorists in gitmo. should the detainees should be given the e word in the first place. >> erotica? >> i can't say that!
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♪ what's the hottest summer reading for the terrorists at gitmo? the koran? no. think again, it is the x-rated best selling book "50 shades of grey," which is what kimberly keeps around. virginia congressman jim moran went there with a congressional delegation, says high value detainees can't get enough of the trilogy. only thing i can think of, if this is true, this is secondhand information, but if true, i assume they're getting ready for the 77 virgins, right? >> 72.
11:50 pm
who's counting. >> i got to tell you, i hope we're not supplying them with these books, are we? are we? >> how would i know? >> how else are they getting it? >> the guards are like there's nothing else going on, it keeps them calm. >> they get harry potter. >> he took terrorists and turned them into lonely, middle aged soccer moms. he should be saint for this. >> who? >> dick cheney, the idea of gitmo, now the terrorists are like -- >> make the books away, soccer field away. let them go in a concrete cell with cinder blocks and think about what they did. i don't want them reading that. >> okay. bob no. it beats the anarchist cookbook. i think "the five" viewers should suggest a reading list for gitmo, start a book share program, can i make a point, during the tease dana was teasing for this segment, said a
11:51 pm
book of erotica, she said a book of the e word. >> i know. my mom is watching. >> you can't say erotica. >> it is a fine word, not a bad word. e-word, i didn't understand what you were talking about. eric makes a point, how do they get that. >> they have a full library. harry potter. >> the book, harry potter, they think it is about a gardener. >> he looked at me, asked me if they have it. >> maybe they can get pornography, i don't know. >> you want to go there, bob? >> no. >> our soldiers have to be down there, have to guard them, they're dealing with people that have shown violence and have gone on hunger strikes and if
11:52 pm
providing this, them this book keeps them calm and eating and whatever. >> what kind of book do you call it? e -- >> you're missing the point. >> what is it called? they have a section of it at the bookstore. >> really? >> dana, this doesn't make men calm. this would excite men. this is like testosterone type deal. >> they do have this special segment of -- >> they have a section of this kind of book. >> i want to get out of this segment here, the e that dana is talking about is erotica. one more thing is up next. >> thank you. gross word.
11:53 pm
test. >> test. test.
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♪ back for one more thing, you don't even want to know what we were talking about on the break. please, we'll never tell you. my son, 15 years old today, happy birthday! >> happy birthday! >> there he is at the niagara falls, away at camp. we love him, miss him, he is my pride and joy. bob, you're up. >> seems like we have kids with the same birthday. today is the birthday of my daughter mckenzie. this is mckenzie when she was
11:57 pm
three years old at a beach, then she grew up real fast. that's her when she got out of eighth grade, then on the way to prom with her friend, and yesterday on the golf course with her brother and me, she is a beautiful, beautiful, wonderful 18-year-old kid. believe me when i told you before, they grow up so fast. pay attention to them, spend time with them. i tell them, you'll miss them so much. >> she's a golfer? >> she's a great golfer my son is a scratch golfer, she's very good. >> how about visit with your ex-wife? >> what? >> bring it up. yeah. >> i met my ex-wife on the golf course, beat me by 22 strokes, so i married her. >> dana. you're up. >> bob was talking about can you imagine if establishment republicans and tea party republicans would unite, what they could do? happened today. we have tom cotton going to challenge mark pryor, long time
11:58 pm
senator, tom cotton is a war veteran, he is going to take him on. looks like arkansas is in play for the republicans. that's what can happen. >> very good. >> he straddles both worlds. >> talk about straddling both worlds. kimberly? >> bob. >> let's talk about princess diana and royals. great seeing the cover of vanity fair magazine has an exclusive story here that diana was madly in love with a pakistani doctor and wanted to marry him, was considering moving to pakistan and the affair ended shortly before her tragic death. >> wasn't she with dodi? >> love is always complicated, she was with dodi after.
11:59 pm
this is the guy she really loves, but the doctor was upset, his family didn't approve, they were muslims, a very tricky situation. >> i want to commend vanity fair being up to date on their story. stop it, kimberly. bad phrase. the way we roll. we heard this earlier, heard this from the esteemed anthony weiner. >> quit isn't the way we in new york city. >> speak for yourself. we don't expose ourselves, well, some of us don't, and the we do do it by phone. you're by yourself. nobody rolls. stop with the rolling and pull up your pants. >> got you. thoughts on that before we go? >> gutfeld for mayor! >> but he is saying people don't quit. >> but that's not how we roll.
12:00 am
>> haven't you heard that line before? >> that's how carlos danger rolls. >> see you tomorrow. "special report" with bret baier up next. welcome to "red eye." it's like my dad. toothless, hairless, change in my crawl space. if you keep screaming, i will take the hose out again. don't make me. i can be there in ten minutes. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pregame report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show. >> can't even be bothered to give them different names, can you? >> they don't mean anything to me. >> you've gotten levy. >> why name them when it's temporary. >> anyway, our top story tonight. the scientist responsible for cloning the
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